Feature request: ability to make the outline pane narrower

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Feature request: ability to make the outline pane narrower

Post by syardney » Fri Jan 12, 2018 7:29 pm

It seems that with the new tabs for story and index in the outline pane, the pane can only get so narrow, and unfortunately that is not narrow enough. I do all my work on my laptop, and the new outline pane takes up so much real estate on my screen that I can't keep it open while I'm working. If I have the outline pane open and the palettes visible, I can't see a full line of text in my document unless I zoom out to where it's uncomfortable for me to read.

I would love it if I could make the outline pane narrower. I will never use the story tab, and will only occasionally use the index tab, so maybe the ability to toggle those on and off would be a way to shrink the pane back to its previous size.


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