Surprise -- Right-to-Left booklets

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Surprise -- Right-to-Left booklets

Post by jannuss » Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:01 am


We all get used to working a certain way with a specific subset of an applications options.
I try to break this habit by regularly "walking-through" windows and settings I don't ordinarily touch.
Yesterday I had a very pleasant surprise: in Print/Layout/two-sided=booklet, select the second-from-the-left layout option
*** Mellel can now produce correct right-to-left booklets of any number of pages [4, 8, 12, etc.]

Most of my work is creating medium-sized Hebrew booklets.
I've always sent them for printing to a local printer who handles Right-to-Left work.
Now I can produce short runs myself on my home printer, particularly the draft runs. This will same me a lot of effort.


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