[discussion] hierarchical styles

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Got the styles thing figured out
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[discussion] hierarchical styles

Post by mikejt » Wed Oct 04, 2006 1:32 pm

About the only thing I really like about Word's workflow is the ability to have hierarchical or "based-on" styles. In most ways I strongly prefer the way Framemaker works, but when I'm working on a complex and long document and I have to change the look of the thing (say, go to larger paragraph spacing, and no indenting before paragraphs), the style setting procedure in Word is to edit the "normal" style ... and all of the related styles that are based on it change at the same time (including lists, notes, maybe even footnootes). In Frame I have to go and edit each style individually. Mellel is better, since the paragraph/list styles point to character styles, allowing me to change typefaces quickly, but I don't have the same ability for "classes" of paragraph styles.

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