Mellel 3.2 is Here

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Mellel 3.2 is Here

Post by redlers » Thu Jun 06, 2013 6:07 pm

Following is the press release (and the links, of course).

Mellel 3.2 implements hyperlink support in a smooth, straightforward manner: press a button to enter, click to go there, double-click to edit, and so on. The new feature allows linking to any file on the disk, making it easy to link to documents, references, and even launch relevant applications from within Mellel. Hyperlinks are exported to Word format, RTF, and PDF as live links.

Mellel 3.2 also enhances its language support, allowing one to set a language in a style (mainly for spelling) and allows for easy switching of spelling dictionaries with or without language synchronisation. The new features especially help those who write in different languages that basically use the same character set (e.g., french and English or German and English).

Mellel 3.2 also introduces full Retina support, making Mellel look nicer on non-Retina displays too; and adds a host of other, more minor, improvements and bug fixes.

Mellel is the leading word processors for Mac OS X, with a special focus on scholars, writers, technical writing and multilingual word processing. Mellel Lite is Mellel's lighter companion, including identical features, with the exception of selected expert features.

All the new features in Mellel are also present with Mellel Lite 3.2.

Apple's App Store
Mellel at the App Store: ... mt=12&ls=1

Mellel Lite at the App Store:

To purchase Mellel go to:
App Store: ... mt=12&ls=1
Our Store: ... D=MQK_LIVE

To purchase Mellel Lite go to:
App Store:

For details about other purchasing options to to:

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