Annoyances of the iPad version

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Annoyances of the iPad version

Post by achterblad » Thu May 31, 2018 3:20 pm

Since I am traveling a lot with an iPad Pro as only device in my luggage I am struggling with a few annoyances of the iPad version.

I am writing and editing longer academic texts and am glad that Mellel has an outline function. It would be nice if the outline could be constantly visible when the display is turned horizontal – and hidden behind a symbol only when the display is vertical.

A major annoyance of the vertical position is the left-right shifting of the page content. This shifting occurs unvoluntarily when the display is touched for scrolling. It should be connected with the zooming of the page by pinching and otherwise prohibited. I like the vertical position because it gives more of a page view than the horizontal, and for that reason I have always a tablet stand with me.

The iPad version should have an automatic hyphenation function – like the Mac version.


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