Replace Styles with Language Overrides

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Replace Styles with Language Overrides

Post by smith.samuel » Fri Apr 05, 2019 11:58 pm

I created a Style set and then applied it to an existing document. I went through and did replace styles to get rid of all document specific styles.
But in the replace styles character styles list there are duplicates that are not document styles but have language overrides. I cannot figure out how to make them consistent.

For example the body text style shows up three times. One has no override, one has override Language: English, one has override Language: English (US)
The same goes for a couple of the head styles.

I have all the character styles in the Style Set configured to use US English (US flag icon). The Mellel preferences have
OpenType Language = English
Spelling Language = U.S. English
Associated Keyboard Layout: U.S.

How to I fix the language to be consistent. Not sure why there are language overrides at all.

Mellel 4.1.5r1 macOS 10.14.4

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