Separate Tables of Contents, Figures, and Tables

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Separate Tables of Contents, Figures, and Tables

Post by laup » Fri Jun 07, 2013 8:00 pm

Has anyone found a simple way to have separate tables of contents for text, figures, and tables? It may exist, but I don't see it. I can do this manually by (1) having top-level auto-titles and pages for Contents, Figures, and Tables; (2) using Insert Table of Contents with the options set in auto-title definitions to show figures and tables in the TOC; and (3) using copy and paste to move the lists of figures and tables to be where they belong. The problem is that redoing this every time one makes changes and wants fresh TOCs is a pain in the neck.

If there is no simple way, then I would that creating the option would be relatively straightforward (less complex than many of the sophisticated features that Mellel incorporates already) . There could be a palette for Table of Contents (or a preferences item) in which one would specify the auto-title levels to be run for Contents, Figures, and Tables, and the Insert Table of Contents item would then have sub options for each of these. The palette for this would ideally show the user's own labels for the various auto-title levels. This would also make it easier to change the depth of the TOC even for contents. Sometimes, one wants to show only chapters and sections; other times, one might want to show subsections and sub subsections.

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