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mentions and headers

Post by Cornerat » Thu Nov 19, 2015 3:04 pm

Sometimes, I want to put a mention in a header of which the height is, let us say 35 pts. Naturally the page palette is in agreement with this size.
As soon as, I put the mention (the title of the chapter), the height of the header is changed (let us say 81 pts). At the same time the page palette is modified (81 pts). I can’t see why it is so.
The same problem appears when I find a mention where It should not be : it is the case of the first page of a chapter. In such a situation, the mention of the title of the chapter is not useful. However, if I want to suppress it, then the height of the header jumps from 35 pts to 81 pts, in the example I have given.
How can I remedy to these problems?
Thank you for your help. Cornerat.

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