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Export to Word Page numbering

Post by raymond » Thu Apr 14, 2016 9:13 am


I am on last mellel version 3.4.5, which Eyal has indicated on a different forum that it would handle export of Hebrew files from Mellel to Word on Mac and on PC more accurately.
For the time being, the outcomes on Word for Mac last version (the one which includes R2L support) has vert limited results, especially that it turns the directions to L2R, so all punctuations are sticked to the right of the words instead of to the left.
On Word on PC I have solved the issue with a Macro, which works very fine on Word for PC but not on Word for Mac.

My quest and problem now is this:
My file contains the following structure:
10 pages without any page numbers
5 pages with pages numbers with Hebrew letters
and then the rest of the file with running arabic numbers, as usual.
I have managed to create this structure thanks to Janet advice the other day, with the command
Insert > Breaks > Page style break.
It works very fine.
My problem:When exporting to the word format and opening it on Word for PC, these Page style break disappeared and the pages count starts from the beginning of the file.
What can I do in order to reinsert these breaks in the Word file. Or in other words, I am on Office 365 on Window 10 onParallels last version. Where is this command there, in the Word updated to last version?

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