Feature request: split view

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Eyal Redler
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Re: Feature request: split view

Post by Eyal Redler »

Split view is complex but it does look like something that is very highly requested. This feature is 100% sure to appear in Mellel, question is when, we'll consider making that soon.
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Re: Feature request: split view

Post by Amontillado »

A variant on split screen view would be multiple independent windows open on the same document. If that were accomplished via the os's document hand-off mechanism, perhaps you could get two features for the price of one - multiple views, and handoff to iPad.
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Re: Feature request: split view

Post by psychomachine »

we really, really need this. anybody working on longer documents — let alone dissertations, books etc. — knows how important this functionality is.
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Re: Feature request: split view

Post by caw »

Mellel is a superb tool for writing a dissertation with 3 caveats

1. If it's all maths, use LaTeX
2. no emacs keys (yeah, I know... broken record)
3. no split view

For me, it (Mellel) is still the best tool of offer, but a split view would be a boon.
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Re: Feature request: split view

Post by Fire Angel »


We got it! And I must say it's a particularly good implementation of the feature. Thank you to the programmer(s)!
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Re: Feature request: split view

Post by syardney »

A question about split view: in the Mellel newsletter that Eyal sent out, he described this as a "vertical split view," and indeed in his screen shot the window is divided vertically. But in my version of Mellel (6.0.2, running on Mac OS Sonoma 14.2.1), I am getting a horizontal split view. Is there some way to toggle this? Vertical split view would be more convenient.
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