Style variations - what are the best practices?

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Style variations - what are the best practices?

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I'm having a lot of fun exploring Mellel. Lots of power.

I'm not sure what cases call for character style variations. I can see that if I want to provide emphasis that may be different in different contexts - like bold versus italic - a style variation would be a simple way.

Then, if I changed the font of the base style, the variation would inherit new font.

Are there other situations where I should use font variations? Is it better to use style variations instead of attributes like italic and bold? The function key shortcuts are easy enough to remember.

As an unrelated aside, here's something I've found helpful.

Sometimes I like to write in a narrow window, and at first glance there is no support for re-flowing text to fit the window geometry.

However, it's not that hard.

I used the "duplicate" button to make an identical copy of my style set and edited the page styles to create huge left and right margins. That lets me swap to the narrow style and shrink the window horizontally and write without horizontal scrolling.

It's also nice to get rid of formatting when composing, so I also use a duplicate style set without headers and footers. Compact view declutters things, and that's where I spend my writing time.
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