Advice on Collaborating with Track Changes

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Advice on Collaborating with Track Changes

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I still have scars from working with Word manuscripts that went through multiple collaborators sequentially. Crashes, file corruption, and other ugly stuff. Is anyone aware of problems when doing so with Mellel? Or, to put it differently, do folks have suggestions or cautions about writing in Mellel but incorporating changes from collaborators to review and mark things up in Word?

My ingoing beliefs are
• I should not be afraid of crashes or file corruption due to a sequence of people using track changes
• I will need to re-enter all the changes in my master Mellel manuscript (often with just copy, paste, and apply Normal style) because what they send me will have lost Mellel styling information. I don't think that I can import a section of a Word document into my Mellel manuscript, although I can open any given mark-up in Word as a separate Mellel document.
• I will have to enter their additional references to my Bookends library and insert them in my master document
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