Use of iCloud with non MAS copy of Mellel

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Use of iCloud with non MAS copy of Mellel

Post by eleuteruiz » Sat Jul 18, 2015 12:44 am

Just to mention, perhaps others have noticed this too... I can reach the Mellel documents in iCloud with my old copy of Mellel (purchased directly from RedleX).

I just got my copy of Mellel for iPad, that works with iCloud by default. When I did a research on my Mac with Spotlight, it found the documents of my iPad (in a folder inside my Mac where all iCloud docs are copied). So I only opened that folder (named iCloud Drive / Mellel) and voilà! All my Mellel x iPad docs where there. If I open one of those docs in Mellel x Mac I can edit it and it gets sync'ed with my iPad, as expected.

Does anyone think of a possible problem with this 'messing' with iCloud folder?

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Re: Use of iCloud with non MAS copy of Mellel

Post by growlerbox » Sat Jul 18, 2015 6:05 am

I guess that depends on what you mean by "'messing' with." Probably the only things you can't do with it are move it or rename it. You can certainly create subfolders and drag-drop files into it, etc.

I use the RedleX-version of Mellel (3.4.1) and the iOS version, and they work well together (hyphenation in the iOS being a small exception, presumably to be soon remedied). It'd be nice to have better iCloud integration into the desktop version, or even better, Dropbox integration for both versions that does automatic synching (like Scrivener, another of my favourites).

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Re: Use of iCloud with non MAS copy of Mellel

Post by Augustin » Tue Sep 08, 2015 2:38 pm

Since this is my fist post in the Mellel Forum: Thanks a lot for the Mellel app for iPad. I‘ve been waiting for it like forever.

I seem to have a problem with iCloud Drive. If I change a Mellel document which is in the Mellel-folder in iCloud Drive, the changes are synced correctly with my Mellel app on the iPad. But the changes I make in the same document on the iPad are not synced back to the document in the Mellel-folder on my Mac. Is this a problem in Mellel or in iCloud Drive?
Unfortunately, because of this syncing problem the Mellel app for iPad is of no use to me at the moment.

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