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Table Notes

Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2019 3:50 pm
by laup
Mellel doesn't advertise the ability to have table notes, but it is sometimes possible.

Define a note stream, Table Notes.
Specify that the notes appear "After text."
Specify that renumbering starts with each new section

Then, when inserting a new table in which one wants to have table notes, put the table in its own section. Unless the table is so long that it requires a page break, the table notes will appear nicely at the bottom of the table. If the table is too long, then some possibilities are inserting a page break before the table or shortening the table.

I have suggested/requested to Redlers a new feature in Mellel, which would be to provide the option to define a note stream so that the notes appear at the end of a table (if that is feasible) or at the end of a section (so that the trick above would work even with long tables).