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Export pdf from the ipad

Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2019 8:02 pm
by macsailor
I have tried and not been able to find a way to export from the Mellel iPad app to the file format pdf if the file is located somewhere else than the Mellel folder in iCloud. I do not want to saved or move my files from the folders I have saved them within from the beginning. I save my files in specific folders by purpose and do not want them to be located in the Mellel folder.

Since there is no problems at all to find the files located in other folders in iCloud, it would be an easy cake to make the Mellel iPad to be able to export the document as a pdf file and that wherever these files are located within the Mellel folder or not.

Is it possible to export from within the iPad version of Mellel regardless where the original Mellel file is located or not? If anyone knows of a solution, please give me an advise how to export to pdf from a Mellel file located outside the Mellel folder.