Mellel 4.2 and pre-existing templates

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Mellel 4.2 and pre-existing templates

Post by Nifty » Tue Jul 02, 2019 2:00 pm

In your answer to 'Mellel 4.2 not working', you sad : "Regarding the single table style/template. When you open an existing document that was created before Mellel 4.2 its style set is given one table style which is the minimum required for a style set to be valid. What is shown in the video are styles that are part of the default template, which is what you'll get if you create a new document based on that."

Other than copy paste all content and settings from pre-existing templates is there any way to update all pre-existing template styles for the new Table feature? I have dozens of 'old' templates all of which would benefit from the new Tables.

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