Feature Suggestion: Decluttering Font List

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Feature Suggestion: Decluttering Font List

Post by Janivgm » Wed Jan 08, 2020 2:18 am

Following the nice fonts video, I'd like to point out a small issue I've had with the font list for years. Mac OS X comes with a plethora of built-in fonts, and quite a lot of them cannot be disabled (at least not without resorting to semi-drastic measures). I've disabled almost every possible font, and still the font list on Mellel has 83 entries, the vast majority of which I'm unlikely to ever use (nothing against Bengali, Japanese or Kannada - it's not you, it's me). This is just not very elegant, even if it is possible to find a font by typing its name. (Not to mention situations when this isn't possible - for instance, if one wants to try out several fonts, it's a lot easier to go one-by-one down a list than to memorise the names of all likely candidates.)

This issue is presumably fairly common - very few people use more than 2-3 scripts regularly, which means that for most users, the majority of the font list is completely useless, and adds nothing but clutter. It would be nice if we could clean it up a bit via the preferences, either by (preferably) having the option to select fonts to be hidden, or by having the option to select favourite fonts to be displayed first. (I'm thinking about a more permanent system than the recently-used-5, and also not limited to five fonts.)

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