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Custom Dictionary

Post by kathymac » Thu Jul 09, 2020 6:00 am

I'm writing levelled readers; Level 1 books need to be comprised of 90-97% words from the most common 100 words, Level 2 books need to be comprised of 90-97% words from from the most common 200 words etc. I want to create a dictionary for Mellel to reference, so that any word I use which is not from the relevant group is highlighted as an 'error', even if it's part of the English language and is in the general dictionary used by Mellel/MacOS. I've checked and can't do this in MS Word for Mac, and with great difficulty in Pages. I was about to try and develop a Macro in Excel to deal with it, then thought of Mellel, which I've just used for my PhD thesis. I hadn't considered it for these smaller projects, but before I drive myself nuts trying to write Excel macros, is there a way to do this in Mellel?

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Re: Custom Dictionary

Post by Icelander » Thu Jul 09, 2020 2:30 pm

Word, Excel and Pages… Humm… It’s obvious from what you write that you are not familiar with Nisus Writer Pro. This thread from the Nisus forum might give you an idea about how to go about this. It’s about creating your own spellchecker. ... elt#p30642

If you want a macro solution instead, you should also post your request in the Nisus macro forum.

But be prepared to give more information then, such as:
how many levels are you going to have? Do you already have the word lists? How many words does each word list have? How do you know which English words are among the 1900 most frequently used (in contrast to the 2000 most frequently used words?)

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