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Feature request  : placeholder for endnotes

Posted: Tue Apr 20, 2021 9:50 am
by MathiasG
We had a discussion elsewhere in the forum, but I place a feature request here  : in the current version of Mellel, if I use endnotes, they will be at the end of the document, it is impossible to insert a section after that, in particular the biblio, which has to be AFTER the endnotes, not to mention insert a title for the endnotes, so they will appear in the ToC.
A workaround is to turn the doc into a huge section and use the section endnotes option (or a subtler equivalent with page ranges), but this introduces other problems.
Moving the biblio manually turns it into a styled text, which is a nightmare for future edits.
A placeholder for endnotes, with the possibility of having them in a section of the doc, would solve the problem, and would be great for those of us who need to write long and complex academic manuscripts.
Thanks for your attention!