Character Style and TOCs

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Character Style and TOCs

Post by laup » Mon May 27, 2019 3:31 pm

Is it only me? Over the years, I've had trouble generating correct TOCs because some of the headings come out bold when I want them not to be. If no one else has had these problems, then I am resigned to my dullard's shame. However, the interface seems confusing. Whether dealing with a selection of text or styling an auto-title, applying character attributes trumps applying character styles. The only preview window shows the consequence of style changes, but not overlaid attribute changes. Thus, one may think one has defined the TOC elements properly, and everything looks good in the preview window, but the actual generated TOC may look otherwise (e.g., a different font and a different face than called for by the style and than shown in the preview window). I suggest that the current character palette interface be revised so as to unify setting style and attributes, and so the the new window's preview will definitively show what will appear in the document.

I have sent my suggestion in to Redlers, although I'm sure they have their hands full current with getting the new beta out. Again, I don't know whether it's just me.

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