hyperlinks in story points and comments

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hyperlinks in story points and comments

Post by Amontillado »

Is it possible to insert formatted hyperlinks in story points and comments?

By "formatted" I mean clickable text.

That's already somewhat possible. If you paste a URL for either a local file or application's deep link into a story point, you can highlight the URL, right click, and choose "open url."

Links in comments are a little different. Highlight the URL, right click, go to "services," and choose "open url" from there.

Should have added a little more about a use case - I like to keep notes and outlines in Curio or Devonthink, both of which support linking to individual objects. My oeuvre is limited and unpublished, but I'm trying - it seems like a nice idea to brainstorm an idea in Curio, then link story points and comments back to the notes I originally wrote.
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